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Known Incompatible Add-ons

Why aren’t all Firefox add-ons compatible with Pale Moon?

While we have strived for compatibility with Firefox add-ons, Pale Moon and Firefox are separate products. There are many possible reasons why an add-on is or has become incompatible with Pale Moon:
  • The change in the Pale Moon globally unique identifier (GUID)
    In Pale Moon 25, the GUID was changed to reflect the continuing divergence between the browser and its sibling. Most of the time a modification to chrome.manifest or bootstrap.js to add/change the hard-coded GUID is a simple solution to issues with add-ons.
  • Australis
    In Firefox 29, Mozilla adopted a nearly completely rewritten user interface and theme as well as some technologies that Pale Moon has chosen not to implement. Add-ons targeting these features without fall-backs to the more time-tested and more commonly used features in all Mozilla-based programs will not be supported.
  • Jetpack/SDK
    In Pale Moon 27.0, support for the Add-On SDK (AKA Jetpack) was dropped as a framework for extensions, making multiple extensions incompatible with Pale Moon. If this is the case, then the Add-On Manager inside the browser will inform you of it with an explanatory text. In Pale Moon 27.1, PMKit was added as a compatibility layer, to allow SDK add-ons that choose to support Pale Moon to work correctly. For those that have not been converted, but have been built with JPM (i.e. compatible with Firefox 38.0a1), the extension Moon Tester Tool can be used to force installation. This type of installation is unsupported however, and may result in instability. Use with caution!
  • WebExtensions
    From Firefox 57 onwards, WebExtensions will be the only supported extension framework in Firefox. This framework is not and will not be supported in Pale Moon, therefore anything using it will not be compatible.
  • Complete Themes
    With changes to the user interface in Pale Moon over time, themes specifically written for Firefox have largely become incompatible. While these will continue to work, issues such as doubled text in the address bar can impede usage. Please see if the theme exists in our themes catalog, either as a fork or original work; if it is not, please try installing the Theme Compatibility Provider to solve most issues.

I found an add-on that has issues, where can I report it?

We have set up a section on the Pale Moon forums where you can report it. This will allow us to at the very least identify it and add it to this page. As well as, determine the cause and a course of action so that we can resolve the incompatibility.

List of add-ons with known compatibility issues

Last updated: 2018-05-31 (compatible with Pale Moon 27.1+, released 2017-02-09)
  • Adblock Edge
    (Not needed because of
    Adblock Latitude)
  • Add-on Update Checker
    (We have this functionality built-in)
  • Baixou Agora
    (Was never compatible with Pale Moon)
  • Bazzacuda Image Saver Plus
  • Blender
  • BugMeNot
    (Uses older SDK functionality than we support)
  • Classic Theme Restorer
    (There is no Australis to change)
  • Compact Menu 2
    (Problematic add-on, use
    Tiny Menu or All Menus Button instead)
  • Download Status
  • (Uses old downloads API)
  • DVD Video Soft YouTube Downloader
  • EmojiT
    (Was never compatible with Pale Moon)
  • Fasterfox Lite
    (This is considered harmful to Pale Moon)
  • Find In Numbers
    (We have this functionality built-in)
  • Flash Video Downloader
  • Lightbeam for Firefox
    (Mozilla Service Experiments are not supported in Pale Moon)
  • Mouse Gestures Redox
    (Doesn't exist anymore)
  • Nightly Tester Tools
    (We are not Firefox and we do not offer "Nightlies")
  • Nimbus Screen Capture
  • Privacy Badger
    (Problematic add-on, use uBlock Origin instead)
  • Quick Translator
    (Problematic add-on, use S3.Google Translator instead)
  • Search by Image for Google
  • Shorten URL (Bit.ly)
    (Doesn't exist anymore)
  • Simple Timer
    (Doesn't exist anymore)
  • SoundCloud Player
    (Uses Australis-specific code)
  • Strict Pop-up Blocker
    (Australis-only add-on, never supported Pale Moon)
  • Text2Link
    (Duplicates built-in functionality: highlight any link -> right-click -> open link)
  • UnPlug
  • YouTube Unblocker
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